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Rachel Zaentz

Vice President

I always ask my clients who have included philanthropies, think tanks, and major NGOs—how can an innovative policy idea, tool or product have a positive impact on peoples’ lives if people don’t know that it exists? This is why I’ve built my academic and professional career around working to raise awareness of ground-breaking policies and resources that help deepen the conversation on some of the most important social issues of our time. Whether it has been through tutoring in DC-public schools, volunteering with community development organizations abroad, or working to encourage young people to become more engaged in the political process, my work at Widmeyer allows me to blend my passions in life—writing, creativity and social cause advocacy to develop effective results-oriented campaigns for our clients.


Rachel Zaentz is a vice president in Widmeyer’s PreK-12 education practice. She brings an in-depth understanding of effective communications around education and other policy issues to Widmeyer’s clients. Zaentz is the day-to-day account manager for the firm’s Education & Learning and Family Economic Security programs with the William K. Kellogg Foundation, where she focuses on strategic messaging and media relations work related to low-income children and families. Zaentz also manages a political communications campaign with the First Five Years Fund which led to a substantial increase in federal investments in early childhood education. In addition, Zaentz has carved out an expertise in education technology through messaging and media relations work with the Data Quality Campaign, an organization that advocates for using education data to improve student achievement.

Prior to joining Widmeyer, Zaentz worked at the communications firm GMMB as a member of GMMB’s education team, she primarily provided communications planning and support for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s education programs. Zaentz graduated with honors from American University’s School of International Service with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies. In 2012, Zaentz graduated from Washington DC’s Education Policy and Fellowship (DC EPFP) program.