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Jennifer Denning

Account Executive

Around the same time in my life, I came to recognize two forces for equity in our society: education and language. Although I reached these realizations independently from one another, the potential impact of education and language became more exciting when I considered them together. That’s what brought me to Widmeyer – the opportunity to unite these two, language in service of education, to help our communities become more equitable.

When I’m not indulging my inner nerd through work, I’m generally expressing it through another outlet. That’s usually in the form of useless trivia about Harry Potter and Carolina basketball.


Jennifer Denning is an account executive on Widmeyer’s pre-K-12 education team. Prior to joining Widmeyer, she developed an appreciation of the intersection of education policy, advocacy and strategic communications through internships at The Hunt Institute, a nonpartisan center for educational policy and leadership; Capstrat, a midsize public relations agency; and the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Born and raised a Tar Heel, Jennifer graduated with distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and mass communication and sociology. She earned honors for her thesis on the use of messaging and media in the movements for and against marriage equality.