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Erin Uy

Assistant Vice President

I’ve always believed that telling a good story can be a powerful way to affect social change. Whether through an article, video or social media, I am constantly seeking creative ways to engage an individual and hopefully enhance, if not transform, their perspective on an issue. And for me, stories that relate to education are the most enjoyable. Widmeyer allows me the opportunity to marry my two professional passions – communications and education. I am proud to work with a talented team of professionals committed to empowering our clients and moving agendas through forward-thinking communication strategies.


Erin Uy is an assistant vice president in Widmeyer’s PreK-12 education practice. Uy has extensive background communicating on the issues of education and policy through her experience working in media outlets, nonprofits and agencies. At Widmeyer, Uy applies her expertise and knowledge to serving the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and other clients.

Uy has served as communications & marketing manager for the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium, the association that represents the 50 state directors in charge of career and technical education programs across the nation. She played a lead role in launching the consortium’s communications and marketing initiative, and managed proactive messaging relative to federal policy issues and day-to-day communication strategies.

More recently, she has been with Van Eperen & Company, a greater Washington area-based boutique communications firm, providing strategic communications assistance to a diverse set of area clients in sectors such as education, government and health care.

During her seven years as a print journalist in the greater Washington area and California, Uy covered topics that included education, economic development, health, government and human interest. Throughout her journalism career, Uy focused on education issues such as Pre-K, college and career readiness, global competitiveness and career and technical education.

Uy graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a B.A. in journalism.