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An Exciting Development for Finn Partners

August 23, 2016

An Exciting Development for Finn Partners

The move is the crucial first step of our expansion into the Pacific Northwest, a market with significant potential for us. With this acquisition, we now have approximately 90 staff members in our West Coast operations.   

Why Lane

LANE was founded in 1990 by Wendy Lane Stevens and has a staff of 27.  Their main office will become the hub of our Portland operations and a part of Finn Partners West, and its New York City team, headed by SVP Amber Roberts, will move into our NY office by the end of September. LANE is especially strong in financial services and tourism. Their proficiency in financial services will make us a competitive presence in this key sector, creating new opportunities to pitch (and win) important clients. Adding a west coast travel and hospitality team to Finn Partners has been a priority for us for some time, and it is terrific that we will now have one in place.  LANE also serves clients in the food, beverage, and general consumer sectors, adding considerable strength to our existing teams in these areas.

For LANE, joining Finn Partners offers global reach to their clients.  We bring to LANE expertise in practice areas outside of those currently offered by the firm, such as Tech, Health, Education, CSR and in the Arts.  LANE is looking forward to drawing on our strengths in these practice areas and feels that our depth of expertise in health and in technology will be especially valuable to the firm’s future growth in the Pacific Northwest.  LANE is also particularly eager to access our 70 people strong Digital and Creative team. These are resources they have needed, but have not had in-house, and this acquisition will allow them to significantly broaden and deepen the services they can offer both existing and potential clients.

Perhaps most significant, LANE shares our most important principles. They buy into our core values: work hard and play nice, a commitment to building a best place to work, success through collaboration, create success by taking risks, a commitment to amaze our clients and our industry by the work we do, a commitment to diversity at all levels, and a commitment to give back to the world around us. Those shared commitments are absolutely critical components of any acquisition.

Our Strategy

Why do we continue to grow through acquisitions?

Our continued growth through acquisitions deepens our capabilities within our different practice areas, broadens our geographic reach, and enhances our standing in the PR agency world. LANE is a perfect example of all three. With each acquisition we make Finn Partners becomes a stronger competitor in the marketplace, allowing us to pursue broader mandates and appeal to a more diverse and extensive client base.

We say “no” to many more acquisition opportunities than we pursue, not only because some firms do not fit our strategic or financial goals, but often because they are not a good cultural fit. Maintaining our culture and values is critical to our future success.

Our acquisition of LANE is such a fantastic development for Finn Partners because the firm is an ideal fit in terms of culture, skill, and strategy – each a critical component of our future success.