Public Relations and Integrated Marketing

Widmeyer Communications proudly sponsors a professorship in public relations at West Virginia University. The sponsorship is the only one of its kind in the country and allows WVU to hire a faculty member to teach public relations and integrated marketing at both an undergraduate and graduate level.

Additionally, the sponsorship provides an opportunity for WVU to maintain a sophisticated communications department as the Widmeyer professor is tasked with developing new and innovative curriculum on strategic communications.

The Widmeyer Communications sponsorship was created as a way to genuinely reflect the values of the firm, which has long been known for its commitment to promoting important causes in education.

Current Widmeyer Professor in Public Relations, Dr. Diana Knott Martinelli

As the current Widmeyer professor, Dr. Diana Knott Martinelli has become an active and accomplished member of the WVU faculty. She has presented original research, authored articles, served on industry association committees and developed new courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. Learn more about Dr. Knott Martinelli here.